Tourist attractions in Arad

Tourist attractions in Arad

Arad is a very beautiful county situated in the west of Romania, in the region of Crişana.It is the 12th largest city in Romania and the 3rd largest in Western Romania behind Timişoara and Oradea.
There are lots of attractions in Arad such as architectural monuments (Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre, Neumann Palace, Cultural Palace...), historical buildings (The House with Cannon Balls, Water Tower,...), monuments ( The monument of the Holy Trinity, The Bust of Vasile Goldiş, ...), recreational tourism and religious tourism.
”Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre which was built in 1874 was designed by the architect Anton Czigler and its name was given by Ioan Slavici, a Romanian writer and native from Arad. There are theatre plays every day and the ticket is not too expensive.
Neumann Palace which was built in 1981 is an eclectic building located in Arad and it is an historical monument built by Neumann family. It was the biggest building in the city for a long period. Nowadays, downstairs Neumann Palace you can find a McDonald’s and other stores.
Cultural Palace was built by the Kölcsey assoc. between 1911 and 1913 after the plans of Szántay Lajos. Architecturally is one combination of several styles. It is recognizable the classicist, the Italian renaissance and the French gothic as well as the French baroque and the Romanian.
Balls The House with Cannon Balls, built in 1800. Its name derives from the fights between 1848 and 1849. Seventeen cannonballs are incorporated in its walls.
The Water Tower is a building in the county of Arad, built by the architect Miklós, who used the dungeon of a medieval fortress as a model. The Water Tower, which is 35 meters in height, began playing its role as a water supplier and fire siren for the city in 1896, reason for which it was built near the fire house.
The monument of the Holy Trinity was raised in 1746 to commemorate the plague that swept the town in 1738-1740.
Some of the recreational tourism places are Ghioroc Lake, Vladimirescu Forest, Neptun swimming place and many more.
Ghioroc Lake is a man-made lake located in Ghioroc, Arad.The lake has a surface area of approximately 1.050 square kilometers and is a popular recreational and fishing destination. It is mostly popular for tourists, as plenty come during the summer. It is estimated that hundreds of tourists visit it, on an average summer day.
Vladimirescu Forest is one of the forests in Arad which you can visit here. It is good to come with your family to have a picnic or just explore the forest.
Neptun swimming place is one of the most popular swimming places in the summer. There are lots of parties and fun.
There are many more things to visit in Arad, things that are very beautiful and interesting.
So, in my opinion, Arad county is worth visiting every time of the year!

Scoala: C.N. ”Vasile Goldiș” Arad
Eleva: Mureanu Anca– cls. a VII a C
Profesor coordonator: Tuduce Florina

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