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Arad - My Beautiful Town

My beautiful town is Arad, located in the west part of Romania. It is the main gate of entering in Romania from Europe. The city is crossed by the Mures river. Arad is important for its historical monuments:
• Town Hall
• Traian Bridge
• The Palace of Administration
• The Palace of National Bank
• The Palace of Culture
The Palace of Administration was built between the years 1872-1875.Today it houses the Town Hall.
The Palace of Culture is one of the most wonderful buildings of Arad. It is well known for the nice concerts performed here.
The Traian Bridge is an emblem for Arad, it is one hundred years old. It ties the centre of the city with Arad New Neighbourhood.
If you want to get to know this town, you have to visit it.
The symbol of Arad is the Town Hall, this amazing white building is in the centre of city, that is why in front of it there is an Easter and Christmas market. During the summer days the teenagers meet in front of the Town Hall to skateboard, to talk or take selfies.
Behind the Town Hall there is the Children’s Park, where people and kids prefer going to relax or play in the nature. The oldest and the tallest trees from Arad can be found there. This area is perfect for hot summer days. There are many nice parks in the city. People come here to relax, working their kids and dogs.
When I was a little girl I went there almost every day because I loved playing in this huge park together with my friends.
Arad’s museum is located in Arad Cultural Palace, and if a person wants to find more about its history this is the perfect place to go to.
The theatre “Ioan Slavici“ of Arad is one the most beautiful building on Revolution Boulevard. You can easily discover it during the night because it is nicely illuminated.
An hour distance from Arad there is the Soimos fortress, this can be visited to better understand the history of Arad.
I am proud of my town,”Little Vienna“, Arad has many wonderful places, amazing and friendly people.
Arad is waiting for you to visit it !

Scoala: C.N. ”Vasile Goldiș” Arad
Eleva: Pisliga Raya – cls. a IV a A
Profesor coordonator: Tuduce Florina

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