The tourist spots in Arad, Crainic Daria, cls. a IV a A


Arad is the beautiful town I live in. It is situated on the river Mures. Arad is the capital of Arad county and it is very important because it is the entrance in Romania from Europe. There are many important architectural monuments and historical buildings. They are: The Administrative Palace, The Cultural Palace, The Theatre, The Orthodox Cathedral, The Catholic Cathedral, etc. Our town has two important universities, where many students learn. The most important thing is that here, in Arad, all citizens live in love and peace, and get to do whatever their heart want to do, doesn’t mean we don’t have laws to respect.
What shall I start with? Here in Arad, we have some pretty interesting tourist spots I will like to talk about, we have the largest swimming pool local in Europe! It’s called “Neptune”, but in Romanian we call it “Strandul Neptun”. I think I visited that place around 18-20 times! There are also places to relax. Families can walk into the parks and ”Ceala” forest. There is also a large shopping center ”Atrium Mall”, where people can go shopping, can go to the cinema or spend time eating a good food. People can spend their free time practicing different sports. They can swim in nice swimming pools, they can practice jogging on the river Mures bank, they can play football and tennis.
Moving on, we have a beautiful city, it’s not technically in Arad, but it is not far from there. It’s in a village called “Siria” in Romanian. There, we have beautiful fortress, called “Cetatea Siria”, and it was built around time 1300. Another beautiful place I suggest to visit if you step by in Romania, is “Moneasa”, there are some beautiful mountains that must be seen, they are called “Codru-Moma” mountains, which are the highest mountains in Arad.
In Arad, another tourist spot is “the water tower”, you can ask yourself “why? Why is a water tower so popular here in Romania?” it was built in 1895, and built by the British company called Shone and Ault. It is built from stone and bricks, having an amazing durance through the years, and it gave water to the citizens until 1956, reaches the height of 34 meters. I hope my information is useful to everyone that wants to visit Arad, and is willing to come from wherever they live in this world, to see our beautiful town, Arad.

Scoala: C.N. ”Vasile Goldiș” Arad
Eleva: Crainic Daria – cls. a IV a A
Profesor coordonator: Tuduce Florina

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